RBG Orchid Show 2013

Well, first, Randolf Carter is blooming again, and a few other things, but he’s handsome:



And a big unorganized collection of photos from the show (I’m proud, only bought four orchids):


garden path all but finished

More random garden stuff. I have some other photos of the peonies I should really post but that’s the other camera, etc…..

… Anyway the gravel path is all but finished. We’re just gonna put a few more loads down in the seating area to even it out. Next step, mulch.

and more garden stuff…

… a few folks asked for regular updates, so here goes!

More gravel down, the poppies are starting to sprout, and more herbs planted. Looking like a real garden now.

the first blooms of spring and garden update

The tree peony, lily of the valley, and bleeding hearts have bloomed. These are from last week, the rest of the peonies are starting now … should be incredible. They always explode when the temperature rockets for a day.

the garden, early may

This winter, the first in my lifetime, the ground never froze – we had snow maybe three days out of the year, the rest was mostly above freezing. Pleasant weather-wise, problematic for a region that always has the ground freeze – there were two major mudslides, one of which destroyed half a highway.

And a slightly more minor casualty was my yard. We are at the low point in the neighborhood, so the yard was prone to flooding. A minor annoyance in good weather, but over the winter it became a serious problem. Basically, our yard was flooded from october straight through to early march, with the ground never freezing, that killed all the grass and turned much of the yard to clay.

Contemplating the problematics of growing a whole new yard of grass, not to mention the cost of sod, we made a bold decision: no more lawn, all garden. With a gravel path and seating area. And a majority of that new garden will be filled with lavender.

The photos below are from a week or two ago, but they show the general layout of the new garden. The flat areas are where the gravel will go, and are a good indicator of the damage we had over the winter. I think the vegetables will be in planters and raised beds, and we’re looking at filling the rest of the garden with herbs, lavender, perenials and flowers. My “plan” for the flagstones is to fill the spaces between with good soil and plant some ground cover … we’ll see how that pans out. I realize this isn’t orchid related but I figured I’d keep track of progress, since it’s a huge project.

may update (long overdue)

Spring is upon us, and many of the orchids have been showing new growths – including a long-past bloomed phalaenopsis I recently repotted, which now has three little bulbous growths poking out from odd places (which made for a lousy photo below unfortunately). Whether they’re roots or spikes we’ll just wait and see. It has thrown off some brand new very healthy roots since repotting so I’m optimistic about it reblooming soon.

Everything else has a little something coming up, mostly new leaves, but the Eulophia has a spike erupting out of its pseudobulb – which looks seriously weird and was not what I was expecting.

The paph babies are doing well, several are growing rather nicely. There’s been one or two deaths, but they were some of the ‘runts’ which had almost no roots to begin with. I tried to encourage some new root growth by placing them in a ziplock back with wet sphagnum, and this did help one of them, but the other two didn’t make it. There’s still 40 plants so I’m not too worried.

I also have 200+ lavender seedlings starting in the basement for the new garden … which I guess I’ll leave to another post. Enjoy the photospam.

Paph. (Fever Pitch x Macabre) #1 x Paph. (Impulse x Ruby Leopard) #4 – full bloom

It’s been bloomed for a while, but I hadn’t really found the best lighting conditions, and these still aren’t the best, but it’s looking pretty nice. I’ve named this Paph. (Fever Pitch x Macabre) #1 x Paph. (Impulse x Ruby Leopard) #4  “Randolph Carter” after H.P. Lovecraft’s protagonist in the “Dream Cycle” of stories.  Enjoy! (Please click the “Permalink” button to view a full-resolution version in the gallery – I exported these ones pretty large, there’s a lot of detail there the gallery carousel doesn’t show)