London Orchid Show

Life has been busier than I’d like lately, but nonetheless entertaining. March 17th I attended the London Orchid Society Show, and while I would have liked to have done a more thorough, organized presentation of my photos … it just ain’t happening. It was a nice show, presented in a large atrium at a catholic high school.

I also acquired several orchids, which will be shown in another post, hopefully soon to come … sooner than later. Meanwhile, mostly unidentified, yet pretty, photos of orchids at the show.


3 thoughts on “London Orchid Show

    • I did photograph a handful of labels at the exhibit, I plan to see what names I can attach this week hopefully, just too much going on, wanted to get the pics up! (admittedly … it was mostly the slipper orchids I grabbed names for. I’m a bad blogger!)

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